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646f9e108c In the middle of Antarctica, a highly maximum security prison called New Alcatraz is fully operational. When a mining crew inside the prison runs across a strange rock formation. What they don't know is that a giant, violent prehistoric snake is inside the formation. After it breaks out of the formation, the snake goes on a killing rampage inside the prison.To get help, scientists and a group of soldiers must eliminate the snake before it takes over the prison, leaving the humans on the bottom of the chain.
As a result of a drilling accident, a giant man-eating boa constrictor is released into a maximum security prison in Antarctica.
Boa (2001)<br/><br/>* 1/2 (out of 4) <br/><br/>Yet another &quot;Creature Feature&quot; with a silly creature and even sillier characters. This time out the government is in the Antarctic where they are building a new Alcatraz, which is going to hold the world&#39;s worst criminals. A notorious terrorist is one of the first six in the prison but it&#39;s still under construction when they accidentally dig to deep. Unfortunately for them it unleashes an eighty-foot snake that likes to eat humans. Husband and wife scientists (Dean Cain, Elizabeth Lackey) are called in with a SWAT team to take the beast out. Have you ever been watching a movie and fall asleep only to wake up what you think is a few minutes later and you look back at the TV and you&#39;re completely lost because you don&#39;t realize that you were actually sleeping a little over two hours and are now in a different movie? I had that feeling watching this movie (also known as NEW ALCATRAZ) because the thing skipped around way too much and had too many characters coming and going. At first we&#39;re with those building the prison. We then jump to the terrorist who ends up getting captured. We then jump to the scientist and their marital issues. When then jump to the snake a little bit. When then go back to a prison escape. When then forget the first few story lines and skip to something else. Finally, we get back to the snake but by now we&#39;re into the movie a good hour and wishing we could fall asleep. This is yet another horror movie with a bad CGI monster that appears funnier than it is scary. I&#39;m sorry but when you see this large, fake snake you just can&#39;t take it too serious and in the end you&#39;ll be laughing at it more than anything. Snakes really give me the creeps so it&#39;s not good when someone like me isn&#39;t bothered by the creature. The characters really aren&#39;t any more interesting as they&#39;re the stereotypes you&#39;d expect to see in something like this and it doesn&#39;t help that Cain is playing a scientist. The death scenes are all extremely weak and poor looking and those wanting the red stuff are going to be disappointed as well. BOA, or whatever title you want to call it, is pretty weak from start to finish so you might as well watch something else (but not PYTHON, which is even worse).
1. There is no way in the world a maximum security prison to have only 13 personal including the engineers. No cook. No Janitor. Only the guards, the warden and the engineers.<br/><br/>2. There is no way for an 80 feet&#39;s Boa to travel as fast as a F1 racing car on an empty hallway.<br/><br/>3. There is no way for an airplane to reach certain destination without confirmation from the destination source.<br/><br/>4. There is no way for an airplane to come to an isolate place where&#39;s the pilot himself have to fill the fuel them self. Refer to no:01.<br/><br/>5. There is no way for the wife of the star to survive while the others which were trained arm personal, deadliest terrorists in the world died in an instants.<br/><br/>6. There is no way for a snake / BOA to &quot;eat&quot; thru a 2 feet thick wall which suppose to take weeks for humans to drills thru with sophisticated drills.<br/><br/>7. There is no way for a Snake to &quot;eat&quot; thru a military airplane which suppose to withstand thousands pounds of pressure.<br/><br/>8. There is no way this movie suppose to be made.<br/><br/>9. Do not rent / see / but this movie

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