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SuperBob Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

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646f9e108c Faster than a Speeding Bullet, Crap with Girls: After a freak meteor storm turns postman Bob into a superhero, he must face his greatest challenge: going on his first date in six years. Featuring stellar support from top tier comedic talent, Bob must balance international politics, saving the world and getting the girl.
Robert Kenner is a lonely man looking for love. Today, if he can actually get his boss to give him some time off, he is going on his first date for 6 years. Oh, and he is also the world's only SuperHero.
Watching this movie, which made me sore from laughing, I was struck by a few things Monty Python. First, the "Bicycle Repairman" skit, where the hero in a world of Supermen is a meek bicycle repairman, who is always ready with his trusty tool kit to help stranded bicyclist's everywhere, within walking distance, of course. Bob's character never wavers from the always helpful, humble, and nervously bumbling super goof that makes his character more likable, and like the bicycle repairman of Monty Python lore, he does his best to fit in and lend a hand. <br/><br/>Second, I drew a big similarity between the "Mr Neutron" sketch and a scene near the end, when every agency on the planet over-reacted to a very average guy(or a bit less than average) wanting to be left alone to pursue his vision of happiness, and not wanting to fill out any more "effing" forms. <br/><br/>That aside, this was quite the refreshing sleeper hit that proves that humor doesn't have to be over the top to be funny. It is a bit slow in parts, but then again, so is Bob.
Hilariously British comedy. Endearing normal characters, Super Bob is the plucky Peckham underdog. Amazing 'awkwardness' of true Brits works perfectly inside a documentary style film (sameThe Office was genius)(lots of improv is gold dust) and above all a heartwarming story. You'll root for bob and leave the cinema uplifted, but gutted you cant fly too! Wonderfully shot by Jon Drever and superbly written- Superbob actor Brett co-wrote it! Very funny, feel good, highly recommended. Loved it<br/><br/>Good bye<br/><br/>#WhamBar

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